How To Use Acrylic for Personalized Gifts

Everywhere you look you will see uses for Acrylic.  In every office building, shopping mall, apartment complex, outdoor events there are signs made out of acrylic.  These signs are found as outdoor signage, indoor signage, door plaques, name plates, name tags, desk wedges and so much more.  But we can use acrylic for our custom and personal gifts as well. Acrylic comes in any color.  It can be two toned, opaque, transparent, and photoluminescent.  To download a pdf of available colors please click the link. Please look for the acrylic used with laser engraving only PDF of Acrylic Colors 

Ada alternative
This is a matte product line designed to comply with Disabilities Act (ADA) Federal regulations. Braille-engravable
Click on the link for PDF color swatch
Color Cast acrylics 1
Your signage will really stand out with Color Cast Acrylics. They are harder and clearer and allow for detailed laser engraving
Click on the link for PDF color swatch
color hues
Color Hues is a single-ply decorative sheet material with brillian shades of color, offered in translucent and opaque hues, and is suited as a signage component or substrate. Providing the benefits of glass in a lightweight, scratch resistant material
Click on the link for PDF color swatch
color hues efx
This is a two-ply decorative product line available in black over the most popular translucent color hues colors. This is perfect for creating beautiful backlit signage with colorful effects.
Contemporary wood collection
Infuse your next architectural signage application with the natural look and feel of this engravable laminate collection
Click on the link for PDF color swatch
Flexi brass and Flexi color
Flexible, lightweight and tough. Combines the classic crisp definition of real brass with all the advantages of acrylic. Available with or without adhesive.
Click on the link for PDF color swatch
Laser Glow
LaserGlow is specially engineered to exceed the photoluminescent standards set by many municipalities and organizations, including New York City Local Law 26. A non-radioactive flexible plastic substrate, it is the idel choice for exit, emergency and wayfinding signage.
Click on the link for PDF color swatch
Laser Lights
Completely flexible and extremely durable, with excellent exterior properties including resistance to water, solvents, abrasion, and extreme temperatures.
Click on the link for PDF color swatch
Laser Mag
A flexible magnetic material used to create promotional magnets, repositionable nameplates, vehicle graphics, and more
Click on the link for PDF color swatch
Laser Max
LaserMax features a classic, yet durable, matte finish. Its enhanced heat tolerance and UV stable color foils make LaserMax a first choice.
Click on the link for PDF color swatch
Laser Mark
LaserMark's acrylic material is specially designed for a crisp, clean burn and ultra-fine laser lettering, logos, and vector cutouts.
Click on the link for PDF color swatch
Metal Graph
Metalgraph Plus has an integrated hardcoat and sub-surface brush finish provides superior protection for exterior applications and is moisture and fingerprint resistant.
Click on the link for PDF color swatch
Reverse Laser Mark
Reverse LaserMark has a clear, non-glare mate finish over a layer of rich color. It offers a crisp, clean image and ultra-fine laser lettering, with a durable surface that resists fingerprints.
Click on the link for PDF color swatch
The textured surface allows detailed engraving. Durable and resistant to finger prints, the Textures work well for industrial environments and high traffic areas. Outdoor weatherable and UV stable
Click on the link for PDF color swatch
Create your own stencils, templates and educational tools using this flexible, translucent material. Design and send to us for cutting.
Ultra grave
UltraGrave is designed to be the most user friendly, multi-functional laminate on the market today. It is engineered with a durable UV stable polymer cap in refreshingly vibrant colors, laminated over a tough acrylic core. This interior and exterior grade 2-ply sheet laser engraves with ease. It is available in both a non-glare matte and a satin grain finish.
UltraGrave Color Palette
Matte finish .010"
Matte finish .020"
Satin finish 1/16"
Ultra Grave Color Palette
Matte finish 1/16"
The Varsity Collection
Show your school spirit with the Varsity Collection of school colors. UV stabe, these products are perfect for school badges, stadium and locker room signage, or anywhere your local high schools, colleges and universities want to show their school spirit!
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