Creating the perfect Personalized gift


Giving a gift is a time when you can share how important someone is in your life.  Materialistic items convey nothing.  The time and effort spent choosing or designing the gift really displays the level of significance they hold in your life.  

Deciding the Perfect Gift

What's the occation?  Is it a birthday, anniversary, holiday or just because?

What's their personality?  Are they serious all the time, Are they always joking around, Are they sentimental?

Do they have: hobbies, a favorite sport,  a regular routine?


Once you answer these questions it will be easier to browse through this website to pick out the perfect gift.  If you do not find what you are looking for here, check out our campanella creations pinterest page where we pin lots of other ideas we think are cool.  We can re-create most everything you find in the boards related to laser cutting, sublimation, reclaimed wood projects.



















To learn more about what our lasers can do click here.


For a list of materials it can cut and engrave click here


For ideas click here. 

or Here








Personalized Gifts
Corporate gifts, awards, promotional items catalogs
Personalized Gifts
Acrylic is used for many Awards and Custom designs. Check out the catalog for ideas
Personalized Gifts Catalog
Personalized gifts catalog
Personalized Gifts
Check out the Crystal Awards Catalog to search for the perfect crystal gift
Personalized Gifts
Check out the Sports Awards Catalog. It has awards for Everyone
Illumination Lamp Fountain
Use my customs design page to help you submit your own ideas and bring them to life.
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we recycle whenever possible

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