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Photo Gifts & T-Shirts

 If you are looking for a perfect gift for someone, whether it be a family member or a friend,  a photo gift could be a perfect choice.  A personalized gift in itself is special because most people do not take the time to make one for themselves.  People will spend money on so many things, but to actually take the time and effort and go the extra mile for themselves is rarely seen.  That is why a photo gift or personalized gift means so much.  It is more than the gift.  It is the time invested in making the gift happen.  That is where my company comes in.  I take your idea and help you to your end goal-The Perfect Gift.  In my website, you can search the Photo Gallery or the Custom Designs  page to see examples of gifts.  Adding photos or your own designs in color involves a process known as sublimation .  To find out more about that process please click on the link.  There is another process used to add color to items and this is a process I have come to love.  There are special papers, with special ink and a special printer.  It's called The Magic Touch system .   Each paper is designed to be used on specific substrates.  With this process, you can add color to glassware (my favorite!!)  see the pictures below.  You can add photos or pictures to candles, make custom tattoos,  custom t-shirts, anything you can heat press with a mug press or heat press.  You can add color images to leather-although this is tricky without burning the leather, but I've done it successfully.  When you add the various processes together you can really create some one of a kind products.  To start your custom project please contact me via my contact page.

Foil & Print
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